The Shack, Raglan


You know a menu is great when you can’t decide what to eat, it took me a full fifteen minutes to work out which delicious plate I was going to have for breakfast at The Shack in Raglan.

There’s toast, best ugly bagels, fruits, grains and cereal bowls (of which 50cents is donated to kasm – kiwis against seabed mining) and a variety of egg options. Plus sides: smashed avocado, mushrooms, streaky bacon, asparagus and so on.

I wanted to try their blackberry smoothie bowl which sounded delicious with chia, acai, bananas, date, cinnamon, vanilla, fresh fruit, seeds, cacao, and the local raglan coconut yoghurt. But I decided to go with green peas crushed with feta, poached egg, walnut dukka, kaiwhenua organic green leaves and I added a side of smashed avocado. It kept me going until the afternoon.

The Shack Waffles.jpg

Little miss was wooed by the waffles with cinnamon and ice-cream which she drizzled in maple syrup and Victoria enjoyed a generous serving of omelette.

TheShack Omelette.jpg

There’s an artisan food scene in Raglan which seems to be growing each time I visit. Of course there’s Raglan Coconut Yoghurt – we have eaten that a lot! There’s also Ruapuke Artisan Bread, this sells out fast every morning. Raglan Honey is amazing and the best coffee in town is at Raglan Roasters hole in the wall. On the wharf there is the freshest fish n chips with the fish caught out in the harbour and filleted before your eyes. Enjoy it with fresh salad greens from Kaiwhenua Organics.

ruapuke artisan bread.jpg

Most people visit Raglan for the surf, it has one of the longest “world class” lefthander breaks, a true playground for those on boards. But if you’re not in the sea, or even if you are, there are plenty of great places to refuel. Raglan has a cool vibe to it, it’s a small town next to the sea bustling with creativity.


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